B's Stag Plan

B's Stag Materplan

$Date: 2003/05/09 05:10:17 $

1. Guests

2. Rules

2.1. General

  1. First thing, change into a fresh diaper and get your suit on
  2. Call you challenge before you attempt a Trial
  3. Write "Natasha" on your left hand
  4. Saying "Nat" or "Natasha" is a 20$ fine
  5. Can only go to the bathroom handcuffed to an unknown girl
  6. In case of disagreement with the juges decision, it can be overthrown by a unanimous jury of five peers
  7. If at any time you get slapped or thrown liquid at (out of shame or disgust), you get 25$

2.2. Bonuses

  1. Women in uniform
  2. Married women
  3. Women on a date
  4. Really ugly women

3. Todo

  1. Food for the BBQ
  2. Jump suit
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Adult diaper
  5. Burger
  6. Dildo

4. Challenges

4.1. Questionnaire

  1. Bang bang qui contre le mur?
  2. Quel etait le personnage a la toute fin du film tourne chez Manuel?
  3. Complete the sentences:
    1. The objective is to find ___
    2. New year, new ___
    3. Many have tried, many have ___
    4. The only reason you're unlocking the door is because somebody ___
  4. (More to be determined)

4.2. Easy (5-20)

  1. Pretend you've never given oral sex before, ask for directions for the wedding night"
  2. Ask girls for condoms from their purses
  3. Get someone to talk dirty to you
  4. Get a women in their forties to tell you their real age
  5. Collect business cards from single women with naughty comments at the back
  6. Ring people and say you're trying to raise funds for the cause
  7. Do body shots
  8. Get someone to draw on you diaper
  9. Guillaume's petition
  10. Have women fill out this survey:

4.3. Medium (20-50)

  1. Get a puff from a joint
  2. Get a foot massage
  3. Get a date (time, place and phone number) after telling them you're getting married
  4. Get someone to eat from your burger (not necesarly a woman)
  5. Dance sandwiched between two women
  6. Get money for everyone from the team you win a chug contest against
  7. Sing "Oh, say can you see" and get ten times the money people give you (up to 50$)
  8. Try to rent a porno movie but say it's the wrong one when the title is read to you
  9. Get someone to lick two liquors off your neck and tell which ones they are
  10. Lick salt off someone's neck, drink from a shooter between someone's tits and bite the lime out of her mouth

4.3. Hard (50-100)

  1. Get someone to put your diaper on (MANDATORY)
  2. Get someone to take so many inches from a phallic object (as many time as condoms you got from the streets)
  3. Get someone to give your their undergarments
  4. Get someone to flash you
  5. Prove the existence of nipple or clitoris piercing piercing

4.3. Impossible (100+)

  1. Get a cunt hair of three out of four colors (blond, red, brunette, black)
  2. Get kissed by a cop

5. Scenario

  1. B is scheduled to meet Mathieu on Duluth at 1600
  2. Manuel will meet with Guillaume, Gary, Manon, Catherine and Philipe at La Brulerie on St-Denis before 1800
  3. They will head for Duluth together and we will start the BBQ and Questionnaire upon their arrival
  4. Around 1930-2000 we will begin selling the beer on the way to Carre St-Louis
  5. With meet with Geoffroy and Sebastien there
  6. We proceed with the main Trials on St-Denis, going south to the Saint-Sulpice
  7. We go back out and north (maybe on St-Laurent) to do some more Trials until we reach Le Quai des Brumes or Le Zinc
  8. If B need more money, we'll go back out on Mont-Royal
  9. We get in the limo corner Mont-Royal/St-Denis at 2330
  10. We meet with Padi and Glen at the Solid Gold at midnight