Local rules modifications
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1. Cheating

Some kind of cheating is allowed:

You are specifically not allowed to lie on income or cheat the bank in any way. If you were, everybody would have to watch over what you're doing during the income phase and whenever you get change from the bank and that would slow things down terribly.

2. Additionnal cards

See also the ready to print Word document.

2.1. Groups

2.1.1. Raelians

(Image: the Raelians' logo)

+2 on any attempt to control a peaceful group. The UFOs' power structure is immune from attacks by the Raeliens.

Power: 2/2
Resistance: 4
Income: 4 

Peaceful / Weird

2.1.2. al Qaeda

(Image: Montage of Usama bin Laden, the burning WTC towers and AK-47s)

+4 on any attempt to destroy a Government group

(no power)
Resistance: 6
Income: 2

Violent / Communist

2.2. Specials

2.2.1. Bankruptcy

(Image: Enron, WorldCom and Martha Stewart going down in a toilet swirl)

Remove all the money from any non-Illuminati group.

2.2.2. Asset Freeze

(Image: Cuffed hands holding a dollar bill)

Money on any group card may not be used for anything until the end of the current turn.

3. Transfer Costs

Money transfer from one Illuminati to another count as a money transfer action: it takes either one regular action or one free money transfer action, but the Gnomes cannot use their special-power action for this purpose.

Groups can be transfered from one power structure to another when both players agree. Every Group transfer counts as a money transfer action (see above) When a Master is transfered all Puppets are transfered with it. The giver can move up to half of every Group's treasury to her Illuminati before they are moved to the recipient's power structure.

4. Clarifications

4.1. Timing

In order to speed things up, a player can draw before she collects her income. If she draws a group, she must put it on the table IMMEDIATELY.

An attack can be called off until there is money or a card on the table.

4.2. Cards

Office Temps: the player in control of this card can indeed activate its special ability at any time during her turn.

Orbital Mind Control Laser: owner can change/add/delete an alignement on any group (including Illuminatis) once per round, not necessarly during her turn. When she does, place a marker on the card. The marker is removed during the income/draw phase.

4.3. Miscellaneous

It is the attacker's responsibility to add and substract correctly before she rolls. If she forgets to take into consideration a modifier that would have made a dice roll successful but realizes it afterward, tough luck. However, if she rolls and fails and then realizes a modifier would have made the roll successful, the roll is still a failure.