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Accessing the Subversion (SVN) repository

The SSL certificate on the webserver for https://svn.mbuf.ca/ is a self-signed certificate, and your browser will likely complain that the certificate is not "valid". I am not paying one of the few businesses recognized by browsers to have them sign my certificate, when my signature is just as good :)

This has become more of a problem not that the good folks at Mozilla relreased Firefox 3 with a rather prohibitive interface to add a so-called "Exception".

If you want to download the entire source tree for a class, consider using the proper svn client:

[user@host ~/src]$ svn checkout https://svn.mbuf.ca/svn/school/comp229/

ADED202 - Winter 2009

See the index.

COMP228 - Winter 2008

COMP229 - Summer2 2008

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COMP238 - Winter 2008

COMP248 - Summer1 2008

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COMP249 - Fall 2008

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