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Welcome to my little corner on the web. Here are some of the things hosted here:

Work stuff

Fun stuff

School stuff

I've been a student in the Engineering and Computer Science department at Concordia University since January 2008. The list of past assignments I have posted has moved to its own page.

Things that matter to me

Various pages I've produced over the year

Goedel's Fetish

2003 Summary

I have been a Unix System and Network Administrator since 1995. Not only do I have extensive experience with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Cisco (which I all use at home), I've also configured countless Apache, sendmail, Samba, BIND and Cyrus sites. I'm not a programmer by trade, but I've written quite a bit of Perl, SQL and PHP. I'm very security oriented and I enjoy writing technical documentation and policies. Lately I've been playing around with LDAP, load balancers and WAP on my Sony Ericsson T200 cellphone. I've been a SAGE member since June 2000 (#64922) and my IANA-assigned enterprise number for LDAP is 15305.

I can't use Windows for more than a minute before I start bitching against UI implementation flaws, or before it crashes on me. (I use KDE 3.1.2/Gentoo on a Dell Inspiron 8100). I'm a strong believer in the respect of standards (ISO, W3C), non-proprietary software, file formats and protocols. I use vi, not emacs, Konqueror, not Internet Explorer.

Aside from being a geek, I'm a French-speaking Montrealer who enjoys rock climbing, red beer, heated political debate and lives in the heart of the Plateau, in Montréal.

...but most of all, Samy is my hero.